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Slovakian Honey

Honey From Slovakia


We buy honey authentically.

Honey is a purely natural product and that is why we try to treat it as carefully as possible so that it preserves all the precious benefits it obtains from mother nature and the bees. We also monitor the entire production process, starting with proper storage in well equipped warehouses, through gentle heating in a liquid state, automotized process for cleaning impurities, unification of colour, smell and taste according to our strict standards, and ending with the packaging itself in a consumer package, in which fresh honey is always delivered to your table.


We guarantee top quality honey.

-Before purchasing, we request laboratory analyses proving the quality and authenticity of the honey.

-If the analyses are correct, we will buy the honey and bring it to our warehouse.

Flower honey is a natural concentrate of nectar from flowers and plants, mainly medicinal. It is easily digestible thanks to its higher content of simple sugars - glucose and fructose. It contains pollen grains from various plants, which enrich honey with important natural substances with stimulating effects, plant hormones, essential oils, aromatic substances, etc. Flower honey is very valuable in natural medicine. It is the main source of nutrition of muscle tissues. Thanks to its simple sugar content, flower honey is used for immediate energy intake, which is why it is particularly suitable for quickly strengthening a hard-working person, an athlete, etc.

-Retail packaging: 900g

-shelf life: September 2026

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