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Warranties and after-sales services (Phonietech)

Phonietech provides after-sales service to meet your needs. Sales representatives are always at your disposal. They can talk to you by e-mail.

If, after reading our sales guarantee procedures, you do not have the answers to your questions, do not hesitate to contact us via our support service. On

General sales guarantee procedure

- Our spare parts are guaranteed for 6 months* from the date of purchase.

- Products are guaranteed, except for broken or torn tablecloths.

- Service packs are not guaranteed.

- If you order unused products or make an error during preparation, you can return them to us within one working week. After this period, we reserve the right to take them back or not.

- All validated returns will be credited to the MHtrads customer account. The customer has one year from the issue of the credit to use it. After this period, it will be cancelled.

- Credit notes are issued based on orders placed and are therefore not divisible. The customer must use the full amount of the credit note visible in the returns section of my account.

E.g.: a €100 credit note cannot be divided into €4x25.

* See details below

Products purchased in error

- Customers who have ordered an item by mistake can return it to us within 3 days. *

- The parcel must be returned in its original intact packaging.

- If the item is returned to us damaged by poor packaging, it will be invoiced and not taken back.

*If the item has not been removed from its packaging, still has its stickers attached and has not been installed or tested. This also applies to service packs.

Spare parts guarantee

The guarantee does not apply to a product that has been misused by the consumer.

- Spare parts = 6-month guarantee

- Accessories = No returns

- Tools = No returns

*The guarantee does not apply to broken or damaged products.

Product returns

Steps for returning products under warranty:

1.On receipt of the parcel, the customer notices that a part does not conform.

2.Enter your returns directly on the MHtrads website:, page link on the returns form section.


*Pack the product very carefully and place it inside the parcel, attaching the previously printed returns form.

*Send the parcel to the following address: Tehelna 12, 917 01 Trnava, Slovakia.

The company name must be the same as on the order form.

*As soon as we receive the parcel, we will check the fault.

*If the product is faulty, we will credit your MHtrads account for the cost of the part. Otherwise, the product will not be taken back and you will be charged €2 per part checked, plus the cost of postage if you wish to collect the item.

Please note that the procedure is only carried out on the Internet. Without a return slip, we will be obliged not to process your request. The return of items is at the customer's expense.

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